Nest Unveils An Optional Two-Factor Authentication For Its Smart Home Devices

By   March 7, 2017

Many consumers, who invested in Internet-connected products, have concerns about security. According to recent reports, tech companies are recording customer information collected from its Smart Home devices. There are also the concerns of the devices being vulnerable to hacks.

Nest unveiled today support for two-factor authentication, a security measure requiring both the connected phone and password to access an account. This promise will add a “new layer of security” to help privatize the customer’s information.


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Customers will need to activate the two-factor authentication, before it will begin to work. To enable the new follow the steps provided below:

  • Step 1– Access the Nest app and then tap on the menu icon (top left of screen)
  • Step 2- Look for the category “Account Security”
  • Step 3- A new option to activate will appear “2-step verification”
  • Step 4– After the two-factor authentication is enabled, you will be asked to re-sign in to your Nest account
  • Step 5- You will be requested to provide both your password and email
  • Step 6- You will then receive a text that contains a verification code
  • Step 7 – Input the verification code to complete the process

Google, Nest’s parent company, has been offering the two-factor authentication feature since 2010. This security enhancement feature has been a long time coming and customers should appreciate the fact that Nest has taken this step to secure their information, event though there was a delay in the process.

Nest said in a recent interview, “From the beginning, Nest products have been designed and built with security in mind and it’s a topic that we take seriously today. Nest is one of the first companies to offer two-factor authentication for smart home products, which is simply an option for customers, who would like to take advantage of an additional layer of security for their Nest account. Ultimately, security is an ongoing effort requiring investment, monitoring and innovation. Nest offers regular software updates and new features to continue to deliver the best experience to customers.”