Netatmo Showcased Its New Home-Kit Enabled Smoke Alarm At CES 2017 – Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

By   January 24, 2017

Netatmo, a developer of consumer electronics, debuted its new Smart Smoke Alarm at CES 2017. The device is said to be a competitor of the Nest Protect, offering similar functionalities. The company also showcased its indoor security siren at the event, as well.


Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm


The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so users can control the device from home and away. When the built-in sensors detect smoke, an immediate notification will be initiated directly to the user’s smartphone, along with the location and an 85dB audible alarm.

The HomeKit compatibility means that users can create scenes for connected devices. For example, when the smoke alarm is triggered the lights will flash on and off. This visual alert will work stupendously for people, who are deaf or hard of hearing.

To give the homeowner peace of mind in knowing that the device is functioning as intended, it will periodically perform self-checks. Reports are generated from the data collected during the testing process for users to view.

The alarm supports IFTTT, Legrand and Velux, with additional partnerships to be announced in 2017.

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm and Indoor Security Siren will be released some time this year. To learn more, please visit the company’s official website.

In the meantime, please check out the Netatmo Smart Weather Station on Amazon.