Nightingale Smart Home System Customers Will Receive Technical Support From PlumChoice

By   January 10, 2017

PlumChoice, a leading provider of iOT technical support services, announced its partnership with Nightingale to provide customers with superior iOT technical support. Nightingale is the first Smart Home sleep system that is capable of immersing a room in perfectly tuned sound blankets. The system will also mask annoying indoor/outdoor sounds that would normally keep the individual awake.


Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System


PlumChoice will assist Nightingale customers enable the accompanied app, connect the sleep systems to iOS and Android devices and install and utilize the system properly. The Nightingale sleep system integrates with a variety of third-party Smart gadgets, including the Nest Learning Smart Thermostat, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Philips Hue Smart A19 Bulb, Google Home through the IFTTT platform. Customers can also control the sleep system from the Amazon Echo.

“It’s exciting to work with the Nightingale team on this launch for a number of reasons. The product is right in our IoT and connected healthcare device wheelhouse, and Cambridge Sound Management and PlumChoice are neighboring Boston-area companies focused on advancing IoT success through a first-class service team,” said Noelani McGadden, vice president of IoT at PlumChoice, which is headquartered in Lowell, Mass. “We look forward to supporting the company’s end users as they find more uses for this technology and aim to connect it with new smart home products in their homes and offices.”

Cambridge Sound Management, the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System parent company, announced last week at CES 2017 the system is available for pre-order. To learn more, visit

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