Nokia Plans To Join The Smart Home Industry After The Decision To Purchase Withings

By   June 15, 2016

The Nokia Corporation just announced this week that they are going to be entering the Smart Home industry. This comes after their decision to purchase Withings Company, a highly innovative fitness tracker manufacturer for $191 million. The Nokia Smart Home hub will allow consumers to quickly connect their Smart devices to the Internet. This single gateway will offer full control and monitoring from anywhere around the world.

Nokia Purchases Withings

This new system is expected to be on the market by the end of 2016, but this is only the beginning. Nokia have been working on a health and fitness software program called WellCare.

WellCare is a program that uses simple tracking devices to monitor and inform caregivers and physicians about the wellbeing of their patients. Nokia has been researching and studying the Smart Home market over the past two years, but with the purchase of Withings, it really gives them a boost into the industry.

Of course, Nokia has a while to go before they can possibly match Apple’s success with HealthKi, but it is possible. However, Nokia is looking to go one step further by pursing environmental monitoring, including air quality and external temperatures. You would be surprised at how these environmental factors can affect someone’s health. With the help of Withings’ wearables and Nokia’s WellCare, we will be able to reduce the health risks of environmental hazards.