Notion Home Sensor Startup Success

By   June 8, 2016

There is a good chance that you have probably never heard of the Notion. The reason is because it is a very small technology startup firm. The size of the company is not always everything and Notion has proven that, as they have already accomplished quite a bit. The firm was successful in raising $3.6 million in funding for their new Smart Home sensor, Notion.

Notion Sensor

This new innovative device could potentially change the Smart Home market altogether. The Notion sensor is integrated with various detectors that are capable of performing specific actions, including:

  • Motion and audio alarms
  • Windows
  • Temperature
  • Water leaks
  • Entrance door locks
  • Refrigerator temperatures
  • Garage doors
  • Lights

This single sensor is capable of accomplishing several different tasks, depending on where it is located. It can alert you, if a window has been opened, closed, or even broken. Along with this, it can also monitor security and gun safes. This amazing sensor can even alert you, if your water heater or plumbing pipes spring a leak.

As you can see, Notion is already capable of performing innumerable tasks, but the company hopes that it can do so much more, in the near future. Future upgrades will probably include a propane gas and laundry detector. By downloading the Notion app on your iOS 8 or Android 4.3 device you will be able to gain full control over your home, even when you are away.

When a sensor is triggered, you will immediately receive a notification on your app enabled device, so you can begin a full investigation. You will also be able to access the app interface at any time and make setting changes and monitor the status of each sensor. Notion requires a Wi-Fi network router and the Notion Bridge, in order to be able to connect to your smartphone.

Notion has an adhesive backing, so you can easily attach it to a window, wall, floor, or refrigerator with ease. Its compact size (2”diameter with a depth of 0.7”) makes it very easy to keep it concealed from view, but most homeowners will want to show it off, since it has a very appealing design. It may surprise you that the Notion sensor is water, weather, and UV resistant, so you can place it in the garage or basement. In fact, it can endure temperatures ranging from 15-175 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bridge also has a lightweight and compact design (1.9” W X 2.9” H X 1.6” D), so you can place it anywhere, but it must be connected directly to the existing Internet router and a 120 volt electric receptacle.

Last, but not least, the AES 256-bit encryption embedded into both devices will secure your data, during transfers. Notion is already compatible with the Nest, Yonomi, and IFTTT, but plans are to expand until it is compatible with more and more third party devices. You can order your very own Notion sensor and Bridge right now for only $129, by visiting the company’s website, today.