OSRAM LIGHTIFY Wireless Gateway – Designed For Smart Lighting Systems

By   April 26, 2016

 Are you a fan of the Smart light bulb or Smart light system? If so, you are probably forced to control each light as one, whereas, if you owned a wireless gateway, you could control them simultaneously. Smart Home gateways or hubs offer innumerable benefits, with convenience being the most notable. The OSRAM LIGHTIFY allows users to control their ZigBee enabled devices simultaneously.

osram lightify hub

Notable Specifications 

The LIGHTIFY hub is capable of connecting to 50 ZigBee enabled devices, allowing users to monitor, manage, and control them all simultaneously. This gateway is integrated with Wi-Fi  technology, so it can communicate with your iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is download the LIGHTIFY app on your mobile device, complete the setup, and then you can begin enjoying everything that this Smart hub has to offer.

  • Integrated with Wi-Fi and ZigBee Technology
  • Wireless (plugs into a 110 volt electrical outlet)
  • Compatible with iOS (iOS7 and above) and Android (4.1 and above) devices
  • Easy installation (app provides a complete step-by-step guide) and setup processes
  • Very affordable
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with WeMo, Wink, Echo, and SmartThings hubs
  • Allows users to create time schedules, remotely switch devices on/off, and control brightness level and colors
  • 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty included

Pairing Process

When you are pairing the LIGHTIFY gateway, you need to make sure that the Smart lighting system is plugged in, before you start the initial process. Be sure to install the LIGHTIFY gateway in range of your existing wireless router. If you forget to do this, you may need to contact OSRAM support for assistance in resetting your profile. It is important to note that if your bulb is already paired with another system, you will need to reset it. You can do this very easily by switching the bulb off and then back on for 3 seconds. If you were not successful the first time, you can repeat the process again. The bulb with blink 3 times, if the process was successful.

Overall Assessment 

It always help to have some technological know-how, when setting up any Smart Home device, especially the OSRAM LIGHTIFY. If you experience any difficulties with this process, you can contact OSRAM customer support via email or phone 24-hours a day. Overall, the LIGHTIFY is a wonderful hub that allows homeowners to customize their lighting system with ease. The LIGHTIFY app interface is very user friendly, so you can manage and monitor all of your Smart devices simultaneously from anywhere around the world.

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