PetNet Smart Feeder Review – Worth It?

By   February 28, 2016

The PetNet Smart Feeder is a device that promises to regulate your pets feeding times throughout the days and weeks.  Aside from the device itself, PetNet has a full roster of information at their website,

The bevy of information presented here is important for regular Joes and Janes to gather nutrition information for their pet.  In lieu of a veterinarian that lives in your neighborhood, the storm of information that is placed here is well placed.  The entire site is a storehouse of pet care, even for those that seek no purchase of their products in the near future—always a clear sign that these people are not just business people, they are animal lovers.

petnet smart feeder review

What does it do?

The Smart Feeder is a device that connects to your 8 or later IOS device.  You set up your animals, their information goes in, and you fill up the container, and then you let it feed your furry friends at regular intervals.  The instructions, both packaged, and online, are well laid out.  You fill it with kibbles, it decides how much, how often your pet needs to eat.  You have an option to let it order food online for you, as well.

The feeder holds between five and seven pounds of food.  At any given time, the serving size is 1/16 cup to 1 and ½ cups of food for the pet.  It can also have configurations to where it will feed up to four times a day.  This is great for someone who’s pet decides to sound like Yoko Ono when it’s time to eat.  Or if one has multiple pets.

The internal battery case is a nice touch, just if in case you should be unable to get power started when the blizzard of ’16 rolls in, mid-April.  It’s also very quiet, so much so that if you’re not in the same room when it’s time to feed, only your pet’s footfalls will alert you to when it was dinner time.  If you’re a person that has Windows, Mozilla OS, or Android, please be patient-there is no information about said compatibility that is concrete.

What does the animal think?

This really isn’t a question about what the pet thinks about a tech-feeder.  The animal knows when the bowl is full after a week or so of regular feedings.  The nitpicks that I and others in my friends have is, “If only the hopper dispensed into two separate bowls.”  Well, just buy two!  At $150, only the most decadent of purchasers would have two of these for their companions.  The dog owner might care about what feeder he has for his pet.  The pet is just happy there’s a bowl with food in it, there’s no self-awareness that pairs up with the thought, “My owner just worked so many hours so I could have this nice, sturdy bowl and hopper feed me three times a day.”

Maybe a cat owner will try to convince people that the cat feels this device is purrrfect for it’s needs and it no longer needs the human to stumble around the house and tell it to stop laying on the television.  Most people that don’t appreciate cats will think something of that nature is funny, “Like you need to be fed.  You’re a hunter!  Go outside!”


  • 5-7 pounds of food capacity
  • Machine washable
  • Backup battery is completely rechargeable
  • Gives consumer the ability to schedule and manage feeding times, ingredients and portion sizes
  • Work with iOS



  • Doesn’t work with Android
  • Slightly costly

The Verdict

If you feel guilty for not doing enough for your pet, swipe your Paypal and absolve yourself.  Others continue to bond with your pets and play with them for minutes before you allow them a kibble from the bag in the manual feed bowl. If you’re interested, you should be sure to check out the PetNet Smart Feeder at Amazon right now!