Project Nursery Unveils Leading-Edge Wearable Device For Expectant And New Parents

By   October 21, 2016

A positive pregnancy test is the beginning of an incredible journey that will be filled with many ups and downs. Pregnancy for a female, means aches, weight gain, and crazy hormones, but the end results makes it worthwhile. Many pregnant women will continue their routine schedule throughout their pregnancy, making it extremely difficult to keep up with a prenatal vitamin dosages, OB/GYN visits, and exercise regimens. Project Nursery joined forces with VOXX Accessories Corporation to develop a leading-edge wearable device, Parent + Baby SmartBand.



This wearable device is the first of its kind, because it is designed solely for expectant and new parents. The Parent + Baby SmartBand is integrated with Bluetooth Smart Technology, which acts as a communication gateway from the SmartBand to other Bluetooth devices. The associated mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app user interface is embedded with various features that enhance the device’s functionality, including:

  • Activity tracker (calories burned and steps)
  • Graphs and logs (baby and mom historical data)
  • Reliable messaging schedules (diaper changes, feeding, and naps)

The SmartBand has a moisture and splash-resistant design for those just-in-case mishaps. This is a battery-powered device, but do not fret because each fully charged battery offers a runtime of 30-days. It is sold as a set, with three colored wristbands, including white, black, and blush pink.

The Parent + Baby SmartBand rollout is scheduled for February 2017 and will be available on Amazon and Babies “R” Us.

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