QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Review

By   July 10, 2016

Are you tired of checking your blood pressure with a manual cuff or digital machine? If so, it may be time to trade these traditional medical devices in for the QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. This device is designed to provide accurate and reliable readings within a matter of seconds. It can also be utilized by multiple users and will accurately select each individual user, by matching them with their unique account. There is only one downside to the multiple-user option and that is all app enabled devices (within the Bluetooth range) must be switched off, except for the individual using the monitor.

QardioArm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Exporting Data

What makes the QardioArm monitor so unique, is the fact that users can export their stored data in several different ways. Access the Qardio app interface, where you will find the “history” screen. Click on the “download” icon, located in the top right corner, input your email address, and then push “send”. By following these three simple steps, you will be exporting your stored data to an excel file, while emailing it to yourself or your primary care physician.  All data is automatically stored in the very secure Qardio Cloud. Users can also export their data to Apple’s Health App.


QardioArm is integrated with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, making it compatible with various Android, Kindle, and iOS devices. You may be surprised to discover that this is the first blood pressure cuff to support Apple Health, where data can be exported and stored. With Qardio App PLACES, you will have the option of geo-tracking your blood pressure. This feature will allow you to monitor and compare your readings from one setting to another.

You can also sign up to become a Walgreens Balance Rewards member and every time you check your blood pressure, you will receive 20 points.

Adjustable Cuff

The adjustable cuff will ensure a proper fit. In fact, it can be adjusted between from 8.7” to 14.6”, making it suitable for small, medium, and large arms. The QardioArm monitor, with cuff is very compact and lightweight, so you can toss it in your briefcase or purse and transport it anywhere. To get the most accurate reading, you will need to place the monitor on top of the brachial artery, located in the upper forearm. Within seconds, you will receive a full diagnostic measurement, including pulse, diastolic, and systolic blood pressure levels.

User Friendly Operation

The QardioArm blood pressure monitor and app interface is very user friendly. To eliminate a lengthy setup, Qardio effectively designed their blood pressure to support a one-step setup process. All you need to do is touch your source device to the QardioArm. You will need to repeat this step, before taking each measurement, but this is definitely much more convenient that accessing the app screen.

To simplify the measurement depiction, you can utilize the WHO chart within the app. This way you can monitor and compare the results based on the medical guidelines.

Notable Specifications    

  • Available in multiple colors (artic white, blue, gold, red, yellow, and etc.)
  • Compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 (AndroidWear devices), iOS 7 or later, Apple Watch, and iPod Touch 5th generation or later
  • Integrated with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip
  • Adjustable cuff (8.7”-14.6” L)
  • Compact and lightweight (0.68 pound) design (5.5” L X 2.7” W X 1-1/2” D)
  • One-step setup
  • Geo-track blood pressure in different settings
  • Supports up to 8 devices simultaneously
  • Create schedules and receive reminders when time to take B/P measurements and medications
  • Detects irregular rhythm
  • Battery operated (4 AAA batteries)

Overall, the QardioArm is one of the most convenient, reliable, lightweight, and accurate Smart blood pressure monitors on the market. The only negative that you will find surrounding this device is the Bluetooth interference. This will occur when two Bluetooth enabled devices are in proximately of each other and within the wireless range, but this is fairly simple to rectify.

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