QMotion Introduces The New Innovative Qadvanced Smart Shades

By   August 7, 2016

Everyone desires privacy, especially when they are in their home. However, all homes have windows and doors, making it very difficult to maintain even the slightest level of privacy. To eliminate this issue, many homeowners will cover their windows with drapes, darkening films, and shades. These forms of window treatments can be difficult to manage, especially on days when you want to let the sun shine in.


QMotion Qadvanced Home Automation Shades


Well, QMotion, a shade company based out of Pensacola, Florida may just have developed a shade that American homeowners have been waiting for. The Qadvanced motorized shade is supported by ZigBee HA 1.2 profile. This technology creates a wireless gateway from the shades to an existing Internet router and other third-party devices that are supported by ZigBee. The advantage of Smart Home Automation is it is cost-effective, scalable, and convenient.

Homeowners will be able to control the shades right from their smartphone or tablet. Qadvanced shades are also integrated with Qube Technology, so users can operate them without the need of any additional hardware. They also operate on battery power to eliminate the need for an electrical source. Homeowners have the option of customizing the shades to envelop into their existing décor. QMotion offers an array of fabrics, sizes, reverse or standard operation, and fascia for homeowners to choose from.

A safety feature was embedded into the operation system, just in case there is an Internet or power outage in your vicinity. The manual override features give users the ability to manually operate the shades without an external device.

These highly innovative shades will alter your home’s appearance in more ways than one. The Smart Technology will turn the daunting task of rolling up your shades into a more enjoyable experience.