Rely On Hologram Barbie To Remind Your Child When To Brush Their Teeth

By   February 26, 2017

Since the release of the first Barbie in March 1959, Mattel has constantly updated the doll to keep up with the going trends. In 2015, Mattel released its Hello Barbie, a conversational doll that changed how little girls felt about the iconic toy.

Well, Mattel has something a little different in mind for Barbie, this time it will not be an actual doll, but a hologram. Sounds cool right, well it is if you are a young girl with a Barbie obsession.


Hello Barbie Hologram

The company displayed the Hello Barbie Hologram at the New York Toy Fair several weeks ago. Barbie is housed inside of a box, which is also a Bluetooth speaker and waits diligently for the child to invite her to dance or ask her a question.

The hologram is similar to the original Barbie doll, in that she can respond to various voice commands with class. During the New York Toy Fair, a demonstrator said, “Hello Barbie, what’s the weather?” Barbie responded by saying “72 and sunny, sounds like flip flop weather to me.” Of course, she was not commenting on New York weather, but Malibu.

Children should realize that they cannot actually hold the Barbie Hologram, but they can hold the box she is housed in. Barbie will remind children to brush their teeth, while she mimics the action with her own toothbrush.

To alter Barbie’s appearance, just ask the hologram to “Change my Barbie”. This request will bring up a different Barbie character from an entirely different universe. Children can choose from a variety of skin tones, ethnicities and body types.

Barbie hologram dance in sync with your favorite tunes. Specific details, such as the child’s location and birthday can be stored in the companion app. The location will be utilized for weather reporting. Mattel has not revealed the amount of data the hologram can remember, but it is obvious that she can take reminders.

Mattel is aiming for a fall 2017 release, so if you are interested in the Hello Barbie Hologram be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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