Rumors Reveal Apple’s Plan To Create Facial Recognition Technology For Smart Home Devices

By   June 7, 2016

A recent leak reveals that Apple is currently working on its very own version of the popular Amazon Echo. However, Apple’s new innovative device is expected to be embedded with Facial Recognition Technology, according to rumors.

Both, Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s rumored Smart speaker are focused on becoming a hub for third party home automated devices. The Echo has already been integrated with Voice Recognition Technology, which allow users to control their Smart devices, by issuing voice commands. The Facial Recognition Technology could be a big step up, as the device would link with the user’s face and automatically align with their preferences. For instance, say you prefer your home temperature to be set at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, when you arrive home. Before arriving home, you will just scan your face, using the associated app and your Smart Home thermostat will automatically switch to your desired temperature setting.

Google's Facial Recognition Techology

This rumor has not yet been confirmed, but there are currently several technology giants trying to create their very own central platform that will allow homeowners to control and manage their Smart devices from anywhere around the world. On top of this, Google has made many attempts at replacing Android password protected devices with facial bio-metrics. This could be a good sign that Apple is working towards the development of this highly innovative software.

Meanwhile, Amazon continues to update the Echo with the most modern technology available. They have proved this by integrating the Echo with Alexa voice-activated assistant and making it compatible with more and more third party devices. It just seems like the technological advances just continue to grow and grow in the Smart Home industry. If Apple can pull this plan off without a hitch, consumers will definitely be very interested in investing in devices that have been integrated with it the Facial Recognition Technology.