Rumors Suggest That Amazon My Be Working On An Alexa-Enabled Security Camera

By   March 8, 2017

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Amazon Echo unit sales reached 5.1 million through the third quarter of 2016, with a projected near 7 million to be sold through 2016. If this data is accurate, the Amazon Echo could be found in nearly 7 million homes throughout the world, making Amazon the global leader in the Smart Home market.


Rumored Alexa-Enabled Amazon Camera

The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker/hub that can stream music, take photos and control third-party connected devices. The images taken by Echo can be transformed into a storyline. A recent rumor suggests that Amazon has something more planned for Alexa. An AFTVnews crawler bot was rumored to have captured an image of a security camera, with a style that suggests Echo integration.

The security camera displayed in the photograph is embedded with LEDs for night vision and a lens, circled by a blue ring light, with Amazon branding. It is also suggested that the camera will be designed for indoor use.

Amazon has not confirmed or denied the rumors. Of course, everyone could be anticipating a product that may never make it to the market. The only linking the photographed camera to Alexa is a similar design, so consumers should not get their hopes up too much.

A connected security camera could definitely help boost the Amazon Echo’s capabilities more ways than one. It has already been proven that Alexa can decipher what’s going on in a photo, with object and scene recognition software in the Mylestone skill.

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