Samsung Changes The Way People Look At Refrigerators

By   May 4, 2016

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has been known as a leader in the home appliance market for quite some time. Today they are changing the refrigeration market, as we have never known it before, with the release of the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. The kitchen is an important part of any home, but this new innovative product is enhancing the entire kitchen experience. Below, you will learn more about this new revolutionary product.

Embedded with a 21.5” LCD touchscreen, which serves as the command center for the refrigerator, allows users to connect to their smartphone. By using your smartphone, you can share photos, calendars, access your favorite music or TV shows, or even see what is inside the refrigerator, while you are doing your grocery shopping.


Refrigerators were once viewed as only a place to store cold and frozen foods. Later on they became a place to store artwork, report cards, and even shopping lists. Samsung wants to go beyond this and take the refrigerator into the digital age.


Organizing And Managing Your Groceries

Most people wouldn’t be able to tell you right off the top of their head what items are inside their refrigerator. The Family Hub Refrigerator makes it so that you never have to worry about what types of food they have stored inside their fridge. Thanks to the three tiny cameras that are installed inside the refrigerator, you will always have access to this knowledge, even when you are not at home. These cameras will capture high quality images every time the door closes. By accessing the smartphone app, you will actually be able view a real-time food of the inside of your refrigerator, but this is not all.

The Instacart app allows you to order groceries from your favorite store, check out with your credit or debit card, and have them delivered in less than an hour.

By taking advantage of Allrecipes, which can be accessed via the Family Hub app, you can also view tons of how-to videos or recipes that are rated and reviewed by millions of chefs.

The Family Hub app also allows you to setup food reminders, so that you will actually be notified, when food items inside the refrigerator are going to expire. Never waste another penny on expired food.

The Fridge Manager feature allows users to control the temperatures of the freezer and refrigerator right from their app enabled source device.


Connecting With The Family

Samsung not only wanted to design this refrigerator to make life easier, but they also wanted to make it so that families could connect with each other easier. The 21.5” wireless LCD touchscreen display is a highly innovative feature that will transform your refrigerator into a photo album, easel, and notepad.

StickiBoard – this feature allows users to share photos, messages, and calendars with other family members.

AccuWeather – you can also receive local weather updates, while you are preparing dinner.

Web Browser – allows the entire family to access the web.



As you can see, this product offers tons of features and benefit that could prove to be very useful. The price will range from $4,599.99-5,999.99, depending on the cubic feet and will be available at Sears, Lowe’s, Home Depot, h.h.gregg, Best buy, Samsung really wants to bring families closer together with this product and that is what they have done, but it will be too much for the ordinary consumer?