Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Now Available To Canadian Consumers

By   December 11, 2016

Schneider Electric, a French company that specializes in automation solutions and energy management, launched its Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat on July 13, 2016 to Canadian consumers. This Smart thermostat is set apart from the competitor, because it is integrated with Eco IQ self-learning algorithm. This feature allows the thermostat to adapt to the homeowner’s desired optimal temperature by learning and leveraging feedback. Most Smart thermostats rely on the homeowner to make the necessary temperature adjustments. Wiser takes on the responsibility, allowing the user to focus on more important things, such as family and work.


Schneider Electric Wiser Air Smart Thermostat

Marketing Director, EcoBuildings, Schneider Electric Canada, Richard Henzie, says the Eco IQ is the most advanced self-learning algorithm on the market. The Nest Learning Thermostat also utilizes algorithmic smarts to auto-adjust temperature schedules based on the movements in the home, decreasing the setting accordingly, when everyone is away. The Wiser Air does not require the homeowner to create time schedules to set temperatures, but instead focuses mainly on energy savings and delivering optimal comfort.

The Eco IQ also utilizes WeatherSentry, Schneider Electric’s weather service. The algorithm is so smart that it can learn how long it takes to alter the indoor temperature in all types of weather. It will start cooling and heating at the perfect time to hit the homeowner’s preferred temperatures.

The Wiser Air Smart Thermostat features a sleek design, with a 3.5-color touchscreen display and bright LED backlight, plus it is available in black or white. It also syncs with the smartphone or tablet, using the companion mobile app. The thermostat was launched in the United States on June 1, 2015.

To learn more about the Schneider Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, just click on the following Amazon link.