Sensi Thermostat Now Available Through EnergyHub

By   June 2, 2016

The Emerson Company created the Sensi thermostat. The company just announced today that their new innovative thermostat would be available through EnergyHub. This new thermostat is a Wi-Fi compatible product that allows homeowners complete control along with energy consuming options.

sensi smart home thermostat

EnergyHub is well known for devices that help consumers save money on their energy bills. When you put this in combination with the Sensi thermostat, customers will have an even greater chance to monitor their home’s energy. The company is also offering a special promotion that gives customers 10% off energy costs, if they participate in the demand response programs.

Emerson has been expanding in the market with the release of this new product.  The EnergyHub collaboration is just the start. The company also plans on working with Amazon Echo and Wink smart home platforms.

This Sensi thermostat is one of the most affordable thermostats that you will find on the market with these home automation capabilities. It is also the first Wi-Fi capable thermostat to ever receive an Energy Aware Certification, as it is so precise that it can measure temperature correctly right down to one degree. Along with this it is compatible with most heating and cooling systems, and comes along with and easy to understand DIY app.

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