Silicon Valley Engineer Unveils The First Smart Indoor Terrarium

By   August 16, 2016

Do you enjoy indoor gardening, but find the traditional method a little too messy for your liking. Well, Apple’s former engineer, Andrew Pletenetskyy and Alex Yevdakov, a Silicon Valley engineer put their heads together to come up with a solution to this problem. The 7sensors Smart Grow Box will provide the perfect environment for your houseplants. This box is integrated with Smart Technology, LED lighting, and an irrigation, humidification, and filtration system.


7sensors Grow Box


Homeowners can now monitor and maintain their favorite herbs and houseplants, while at home or traveling abroad. The Grow Box is completely sealed to keep common pests and contaminated air out. The end result will be pure healthy, organic vegetables and herbs. The experts decided to experiment with the 7sensors Grow Box and the results were astonishing. Thirty bell peppers were produced from a single plant, which is quite extraordinary under these circumstances.

Users will need to download the 7sensors app to their iOS or Android device, in order to achieve remote control capabilities. The app interface consists of various features that will enhance the functionality of the Grow Box. The box measures in at 70” H X 24” W X 24” D, which is the perfect size for most homes. An integrated 7-gallon water tank, with indicator will mean that only tri-annual refills are required. Users will receive a notification, when the water level reaches the minimum.

The build-in heater and LED lamp will deliver adequate heat to the plant and maintain 0.1-degree temperature accuracy. To create a tropical environment for the plant, the engineers decided to utilize an air humidity sensor and intelligent evaporator. These devices work simultaneously to create the perfect humidified environment.

Thanks to the Smart 7sensors Grow Box, users will be able to monitor and manage their plants from afar. If you are interested in more details on this product, be sure to check out the 7sensors website. A release date has not been set in stone, but you can subscribe for future updates.