Smart Street Lights Will Be Integrated Into The Smart City Infrastructure

By   December 15, 2016

Smart lighting fixtures, such as light bulbs, outlets, switches and ceiling lights are extremely popular, enhancing security by giving the impression that the home is occupied. Smart cities are popping up everywhere, providing homebuyers with homes that are installed with a variety of Internet-connected devices. These Smart homes are at the top of the buyers’ list, because they offer immense comfort, energy efficiency and enhanced security.


Smart Street Lighting Systems For Smart Cities

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Xfinity Home Service

Xfinity announced today its plan to add voice-activated lighting products to its Smart Home system. Subscribers will now have the option of activating any of Jasco’s GE-branded Smart switches and plugs by voice. Xfinity Home customers can activate a specific Smart lighting accessory, by pushing and holding down the “Mic” button, located on the Xfinity remote. While holding down the button initiate a voice command.

This is just one example of how important Smart lighting is for the Smart city application.


Smart Street Lights 

The city light infrastructure plays a huge role in security, visibility and safety. However, it could offer so much more, if it was integrated with Smart street lights. The bulbs utilized for the Smart application are LEDs, which offer 65 to 75 percent more energy savings than the traditional light bulb. The LED also offers a longer lifespan of up to 25 years, which could potentially cut costs and reduce the need for routine maintenance.

Smart lights can be controlled from a smartphone, computer or laptop, with an associated app and Wi-Fi connection. Smart device manufacturers are taking their Smart lighting products to a whole new level, by integrating them with humidity, temperature and motion-activated sensors. However, this is only the beginning, because Schreder, one of the leading LED streetlight providers, just recently partnered with Panasonic to create a smarter street lighting system.



Siemens, a technological pioneer, is currently working on a new Smart parking system, which will be integrated into existing Smart street lighting platforms. The system will include radar sensors that are capable of measuring traffic conditions and the flow of pedestrians, along with detecting speeding cars and illegal parking. The radar sensor is still in development, but it will definitely have a huge impact on the city environment.

Sensity is also hopping onboard, by integrating Smart street lighting in its NetSense Smart parking solution. The upgraded system will empower parking operators to reduce energy usage, with the LED lighting and increase revenue from parking fees. Verizon acquired Sensity in September 2016. Silver Spring Networks, a leading provider of Smart grid products, is also advancing with the street light platform.

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