Smart Technology Making Its Way To The Farming Industry

By   November 21, 2016

The New Zealand government recently rolled out two initiatives that would provide New Zealanders with access to UFB and RBI Internet connections. By 2022, 75 to 80 percent of New Zealanders, including schools, hospitals, businesses, libraries, and homes. UFB is the latest in Internet Connection Technology, but it is not feasible for every resident, living in rural communities. RBI access will be extended to more rural areas, with peak speeds of 5Mbps.


RFID Smart Chips for Healthcare

While, this news is great for New Zealanders, it also provides technology companies and innovators more flexibility. Primary Industries Minister, Nathan guy and Amy Adams, announced at the Canterbury A&P Show, just this month, their plans to accelerate the use of Smart Technology in the farming industry.

The technology will be used to monitor animal health and fertility, make improvements in irrigation and pinpoint the best time to harvest crops and fruits. With the government’s major initiatives underway on both mobile coverage and rural broadband, farmers will soon have access to the world-class communications infrastructure. However, it will be up to the farmers to decide whether or not they want to take advantage of the innovative Smart Agriculture Technology.

RFID Smart Chip

Businesses and hospitals are also encouraged to incorporate Smart Technology into their operation processes. Various healthcare systems throughout the United States, France, and Germany have already began using Smartchip Technology to track patients, surgical tools and Intravenous solution bags.

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