SmartBeings Introduces The World’s First AI Based Smart Home Hub

By   January 29, 2017

SmartBeings, a Silicon Valley tech company, unveils its interactive Smart Home hub, WooHoo. A SmartBeings representative described the device as “an Amazon Echo combined with a Nest Cam, combined with a touchscreen.”


SmartBeings WooHoo AI Smart Home Hub


WooHoo acts as a security camera, Smart Home hub and platform. WooHoo’s built-in HD camera is very unique, in that it is capable of making a full 360-degree rotation, detecting motion and recognizing the user’s face, with the embedded facial recognition technology. This is only the beginning, because the onboard spatial speakers are capable of recognizing the user’s voice, with voice recognition technology.

The 7-inch touchscreen utilizes the Android operating system for video calling capability. The SmartBeings’ WooHoo supports various protocols, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Lutron and Z-Wave, along with a cellular signal. WooHoo integrates with 100’s of third-party Smart devices, including Amazon Echo and the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The build-in air quality sensors allow users monitor air pollution in their home on their smartphone. Utilizing the voice recognition technology, users will be able to control WooHoo with voice commands. It is available in various colors, including blue, pink, black, green and yellow.

For more information, visit the company’s official website. WooHoo is available for preorder. The company is shooting for a summer release, but in the meantime the SmartBeings team is striving to achieve a successful ending.

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