Stay Warm This Winter With The WinkBeds CoolControl Mattress

By   February 2, 2017

For couples that disagree on sleep temperature, thankfully there is a solution, which is the CoolControl Mattress. Winkbeds, a new tech startup, launched its new Smart bed. The CoolControl system will automatically adjust the bed’s temperature, by combining cooling tech and radiant heat.


Winkbeds CoolControl Smart Bed


The CoolControll Mattress is available in various sizes, ranging from twin XL up to a California king. It is now available in the United States at the company’s official website. The embedded dual temperature zones allow the user to set different sleep temperatures for each side of the bed, which can be adjusted to 15 degrees below and 30 degrees above the bedroom’s ambient temperature.

The companion app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Users will be able to program CoolControl to auto-adjust the temperature or make manual adjustments via the companion app.

The embedded radiant heat tech utilized in the CoolControl’s Mattress was created by a company that manufacturers coolers and seat warmers for automobiles, Gentherm. The CoolControl System is extremely quiet and energy efficient, plus the installation is as easy as a simple plug and play.

Click on the Amazon link to learn more about Smart sleep devices.