Suning Introduces A Comprehensive Lineup Of Smart Home Products At CES 2017

By   January 16, 2017

Suning Commerce Group, a China-based non-government retailer, showcased a comprehensive lineup of Smart products from its Suning platform at CES 2017. The CES platform allows developers and device manufacturers to showcase their technological and scientific innovations. China accounted for one third of the exhibitors at the event held in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Suning Commerce Introduces Artificial Intelligence Strategy At CES


Suning presented novel solutions that would aid in fast tracking the introduction of third-party home appliances into the Chinese market. The group holds a prominent position in the Chinese market as the country’s largest retailer, leveraging its position to help several manufacturers by facilitating conversations between products and brands.

Joshua Xiang, executive vice president of IT at Suning Commerce, said, “With the success of its transition to ecommerce, Suning plans to introduce intelligence into the retail industry, as a new driving force for the further development of online retail.” He went on to say that by engaging the consumer in a pleasant chat, gradually, the sale could be closed.

In 2013, Suning set up a research institute in Silicon Valley to strengthen research in big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The institutes have proven to be very helpful for the 6,000+ companies that have already partook in the superior data cloud services.

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