Sunverge Solar Integration System Will Store And Distribute Energy As Needed

By   November 26, 2015

RevoluSun is a company that has dedicated their efforts to making products that offer energy efficiency and lifestyle improvements. By taking advantage of their various products, you can make your home more economical, comfortable, and healthier than ever before. With a long list of photovoltaic powered solar products to select from including skylights, electrical vehicle charging, hot water heaters, Home Automation, and security systems, you will be able to transform your home into an energy efficient, Smart Home environment.

RevoluSun Smart Home Technology

Why Is Solar Storage Important

Hawaiian customers have a huge advantage, when it comes to solar products. Due to all their sunny weather and pleasant climate all year long, they have the option of storing tons of solar energy during the day and using it later at night to power their appliances. Hawaiians have just discovered that they will no longer receive net energy metering credits, which is offered by the Public Utilities Commission. The NEM is basically a market rate price for the solar energy produced from the homeowner’s roof solar panels, this eventually is released back into the utility system.

As you can imagine, Hawaiians have no issue creating solar energy, but the problem lies in how much is actually generated. The Sunverge system may be exactly what Hawaii has been waiting for, since it has the capabilities to integrate with the grid, plus it can deliver energy at the most important times of the day or night.


Exactly How Does This System Work?

As mentioned above, The Sunverge Solar Integration System will capture, store, and distribute energy, when it is needed most. This compact package includes a high-capacity battery, Smart Home devices, and an inverter. The great thing about the SIS is it will work right alongside any preexisting solar photovoltaic solar system. The system will connect with the grid and local electricity supply via Smart connectivity. It will not only operate using software that is capable of reducing energy bills, but it will offer reliability, while protecting the grid.


Environmental Factors  

The SIS includes full remote control, monitoring, and management, along with an extensive active/passive cooling, which is necessary for Hawaii’s high temperature range. This system does not require regular maintenance. However, performance maintenance packages will be offered by RevoluSun to all consumers that invest in this revolutionary solar system. The RevoluSun technicians will monitor the system’s performance right alongside the homeowner.



Most homeowners will find the costs of the Sunverge SIS more affordable and reliable than the traditional back-up generator. For around $20,000, you will have peace of mind and the confidence that you will be fully protected, if an emergency occurs.