Switchmate Smart Lighting Toggle Review

By   September 12, 2016

Smart Technology can now be found in an unlimited array of products, including thermostats, doorbells, deadbolts, and light bulbs. This technology has definitely changed the world in so many ways. No longer are you forced to turn around and return home, just to shut your garage door or turn off your air conditioner. Smart electric receptacles are also extremely popular, because they allow homeowners to remotely manage and control any electronic device or appliance plugged into it. This is not to even mention the Smart light switch, which provides users with full control over their lights from anywhere around the globe.

Switchmate Smart Light Toggle
Installation Process

Believe it or not, Smart switches can help decrease energy waste, enhance home security, and offer peace of mind. The Switchmate Lighting Toggle is designed to offer a very unique installation process. Instead of needing to replace the existing light switch, you just simply place Switchmate directly on top of the light switch cover. Switchmate is embedded with a powerful magnet that makes direct contact with the rocker or toggle switch.

Smart Remote Control

Switchmate is integrated with Smart Technology, which acts as a communication gateway from the existing Internet router to the switch. Once you download the associated Switchmate app to your smartphone or tablet, you can begin to enjoy the convenience of Smart Technology. You will be able to remotely turn the light switch on and off, when you are at home or away. The app interface design is very user friendly, with various features that enhance the switch’s functionality.

You can also create schedules, so the switch automatically alternates from the on and off position, according to the preset log. This can all be done right from the app interface and it is free to download. Switchmate is available in both toggle and rocker switch, with an optional white and ivory finish.


 The Switchmate Smart Toggle idea was made possible by an INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign. While, the switch does have some limitations, it is extremely easy to install. Anyone can transform his or her traditional light switch into a Smart switch in a matter of seconds. The Switchmate team has revealed a possible Amazon Echo integration, but this may not be possible since this is not a network device. It is also not compatible with ornate covers, plus you need a very strong Wi-Fi signal, if you plan on utilizing the switch in the garage or upstairs in a two-story home.

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