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Controlling Smart Home Devices With Apps May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Smart Home enthusiasts are always exploring new technology that will enhance the functionality of their Smart Home. Most of these people have innumerable apps downloaded on their mobile devices that are utilized to control connected gadgets, such as door locks, cooking devices, lights, thermostats, security cameras and window shades. Controlling these gadgets from separate apps… Continue reading »

Rumors Suggest That Amazon My Be Working On An Alexa-Enabled Security Camera

Rumors Suggest That Amazon My Be Working On An Alexa-Enabled Security Camera

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Amazon Echo unit sales reached 5.1 million through the third quarter of 2016, with a projected near 7 million to be sold through 2016. If this data is accurate, the Amazon Echo could be found in nearly 7 million homes throughout the world, making Amazon the global… Continue reading »

Things To Know About Upgrading A Home Garage With Garageio

Things To Know About Upgrading A Home Garage With Garageio

When most homeowners feel it is time to upgrade their garage, they automatically think of the Chamberlain MyQ, a retrofit device that makes garage door openers smarter. The MyQ offers simple smarts, with remote access and monitoring capabilities. However, the company’s partnerships are limited to the Nest Learning Thermostat.  

Getting Started Creating A Smart Home Inexpensively

If you haven’t taken the plunge into the Smart Home world yet, it may be time to start thinking about it. Smart Home Technology has gained a lot of attention in various markets, including the real estate and consumer market. Smart Home products have soared over the past few years, starting with all-in-one devices that… Continue reading »

Control Your Smart Home Devices From Google Pixel

Google recently added an update for its Pixel smartphone to allow owners to control their Smart Home devices from Home Control, a digital control panel. Owners can request Google AI assistant to control various third-party devices, including Belkin WeMo, Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue. Google Assistant is available on Pixel and Pixel XL phones, but… Continue reading »

Exploring The Ways Tenants Can Take Advantage Of Smart Home Tech

Many renters think that it would be useless to try installing Smart Home gadgets in their apartment or condo. There is always the risk of angering the landlord or violating the lease agreement. However, there are ways to integrate Smart Home tech into your living environment, without taking any risks  

Amazon And Google Will Add A New Function To Their AI-Based Speakers That Will Allow Users To Make And Receive Phone Calls

Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are two of the most popular Smart speakers on the market. Both devices deliver an array of features that makes the user’s life easier and more comfortable. As of now, users can deliver pizza and sync music from their favorite streaming services directly from both of these Bluetooth speakers.  … Continue reading »

Amazon Launches New Smart Home Consultations Services To Customers For Free

The new Smart Home Consultation services will provide customers with guidance to build the perfect connected home. The Smart Home advisers will go out to the customer’s home to make personalized recommendations and demonstrate Internet-connected products, including Amazon’s Echo, Dot and Tap.  

Protecting Your Smart Home Devices From Hijackers

Hijackers or online scammers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in home networks. Many people are unaware of the dangers of a hijacking, while others are more than prepared to fend them off. Millions of modern homes are installed with one or more Internet-connected devices, such as light bulbs, locks, thermostats TVs and lighting… Continue reading »

Google Home Gets Smarter With Belkin WeMo And Honeywell Integrations

Google is playing catch-up with Amazon, adding new third-party integrations weekly. The Google Home has been updated to support both Belkin WeMo and Honeywell Smart devices. This means that users will be able to request Google Assistant to switch on the thermostat or lighting fixtures utilizing voice commands.