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Enhancing The Heating And Cooling System With The Keen Home Smart Vent

Keen Home, a Smart Home startup, launched its first Smart Home product in November 2015. The Smart Vent System allows users to mange the airflow in every room in their home. It was first available in Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers, with over 35,800 units sold in the first 12 months.  

A Comprehensive Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review

Ecobee, a Toronto-based tech company, may not receive the same attention as Nest or Honeywell, but it was the first to unveil the app-enabled thermostat. The company’s Smart thermostat product line is funneled through dealers, limiting its ability to gain relevancy in the DIY rink. Ecobee rolled out the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat on June 10,… Continue reading »

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smart Home Hub

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smart Home Hub

Smart Home hubs were at the top of the 2016 holiday gift list. Of course, many recipients are unfamiliar with these devices, so it wouldn’t be unusual for them to be in awe of their gift. With a little research and assistance from the tech-knowledgeable family member, the home hub could be up and running… Continue reading »

“Donate Your Data” Program Launched By ecobee

Smart Home devices are a wealth of information that could prove to be very valuable for utility companies. Most of these companies are hard at work, devising programs to help them meet government regulations and migrate away from fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is a great way to save money, reduce pollution and combat climate change…. Continue reading »