The New Nest Outdoor Camera Is Now Available For Pre-Order

By   July 16, 2016

It was only years ago when Nest released there Smart thermostat. The thermostat was top-of-the-line and offered technological features that were non-existent at the time. Well, Nest is proud to announce that they are reinventing the outdoor camera to make it even more eye appealing and efficient. The Nest Cam Outdoor camera design is similar to the indoor Nest Cam, but there are several notable differences. One such difference is the weatherproof and moisture resistant seal, which makes the camera suitable for outdoor applications.


Nest Outdoor Cam


The small, compact circular camera can mount to the exterior of any home and sync with your iOS and Android devices. Nest wanted to approach home security more aggressively with this product, which is why they are using similar security features that Google uses in their Smart devices. One of these new features is the two-way speaker system, with allows users to see and communicate with visitors without needing to actually open their door. When someone enters the motion sensor range, an immediate SMS or email notification will be sent to the app enabled device. You will have the option of accepting the message and viewing a real-time video stream, so you can see what actually triggered the event. You can also reject the message, with the option of viewing the video at a later date.

The Nest Cam Outdoor operates with an electric power, so you never have to worry about dead batteries or replacing them. Just because this camera requires an electric power source does not make the installation process difficult. The magnetic mount will definitely make the process even easier. If you are a Nest Aware subscriber, you will be able to set the Nest Cam Outdoor to record continuously 24/7 and store up to 30-days of footage in the very secure Cloud storage. You can also set activity zones, like busy driveways or desolate alleyways.

The embedded 8 infrared LEDs will allow you to see in total darkness. The night vision range is 20, which is quite efficient, but if the area in the field of view is lit up this range may be extended even farther.

  • Operating temperature – -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • FOV (field of view)- 130-degree diagonal
  • 8” W X 3.5” D and 11 ounces
  • 1080p resolution
  • 128-bit advanced encryption standard
  • Includes 25’ electric cable
  • Compatible with iOS 8 or later, Bluetooth 4.0, and Android 4 or later
  • Multilingual programming (Spanish, English, Dutch, and French)
  • Includes a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

The Nest Cam Outdoor is available for pre-order at $199. Just remember, if you are not already a Nest Aware subscriber, you will need to sign up before you can take advantage of the People Aware feature and Cloud Storage.

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