Things To Know About Upgrading A Home Garage With Garageio

By   March 4, 2017

When most homeowners feel it is time to upgrade their garage, they automatically think of the Chamberlain MyQ, a retrofit device that makes garage door openers smarter. The MyQ offers simple smarts, with remote access and monitoring capabilities. However, the company’s partnerships are limited to the Nest Learning Thermostat.


Garageio Smart Garage Door Opener

For consumers that are looking for more flexibility, the Garageio may be a better option. The Garageio is a hardwired black box, with embedded Smart Home technology. Once the device is hardwired into the existing garage door opener, users can integrate it with the IFTTT or Amazon Echo platform. IFTTT is a popular app that builds triggers between devices and apps that are normally unconnected.

Installing Garageio is pretty in-depth, so the installer will need to have some knowledge about electrical wiring. However, the inputs are labeled and the directions can be found online.

The Amazon Echo’s Garageio skill is not native, so Alexa will not open the garage door, without a lengthy question. For example, to open the garage door with Alexa, users will need to say, “Alexa, tell Garageio to open my garage door.” There must be a more simple way to command Alexa to open the garage door. After awhile, users will become tongue-tied and frustrated with the long-winded questioning.

With the IFTTT integration, Garageio is a lot more appealing, but security poses questions. However, as long as users are willing to keep the integrations simple and clear-cut, there will be no need to worry about false triggers.

Overall Assessment

The mere fact that Garageio can initiate real-time push notifications, if the garage door is left open, access can be shared with others and geofencing support (with IFTTT) makes it worth the extra month. To enhance the functionality of Garageio, just invest in a separate Wi-Fi hub, like the Amazon Echo. Garageio is far ahead of the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener, but it could still do with an upgrade.

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