Tips On How To Make Your Neighbors Envious Of Your Holiday Decorations

By   December 5, 2016

Do you live on a block, where the neighbors like to compete to see who has the coolest holiday decorations? If so, you probably feel like Clark Griswold, with lots of mishaps and failures. Once you decide you have had enough, it may be time to start investing in Control4 Smart-Connected devices. These devices include anything from the Smart Lighting Controller to a Smart Light Dimmer. The Control4’s Smart Lighting can definitely simplify your holiday decorating, while providing the perfect ambience for the season.


Control4 Lighting Systems

Users can also stream music through third-party programs, such as TIDAL, Napster and Pandora. Create a time schedule, so the music will come on right before you walk through the door and switch off, when you take your exit.

Smart Lighting With Music Sync 

Control4, a leading provider of home automation and networking systems, allows users to play music from their smartphone and have the lights to automatically change color or blink in rhythm with the music. The associated app is embedded with a variety of features that allow the user to create custom scenes, time schedules and set the lighting to automatically come on, when a visitor enters the signal range.

Amazon Alexa Integration

The holidays are exciting, but very hectic, with baking, shopping and wrapping gifts, leaving little time for anything extra. With Amazon Alexa, users can control their Control4 Lighting products utilizing voice automation. This hands-free control is becoming extremely popular, because it offers a unique way to interact with interconnected devices.

Away Mode 

Control4 Smart Lighting devices will also aid in keeping burglars at bay, when you are on vacation. The built-in memory function will retain the user’s entertainment, lighting and shade routines and then mimic them, when you are away. This will give potential burglars the impression that you are at home.

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