Wink Announces The Upcoming Release Of Their New And Improved Smart Home Hub

By   September 27, 2016

Wink, a smart-connected platform was the idea of Nathan Smith, the current Chief Technology Officer for the company. Smith took his idea to the Quirky invention platform and raised around $20 million, but unfortunately the company struggled financially due to a security issue, involving the original Wink hub. In 2015, Wink was sold to Flextronics for $15 million. Flex has been successful in enhancing the Wink Smart Home platform and today it supports over 1.3 million third-party devices.


Wink Hub 2 Home Automation


Even though the original version of the Wink Connected Home Hub experienced some issues, it has been able to make a substantial comeback. Today, the company announced the upcoming release of their new and improved Smart Home hub, Wink Hub 2. The original version was designed for a tabletop placement, lying flat on the surface. The Wink Hub 2 design is thinner, trendier, and sits in an upright position. The main purpose of the upright placement is to increase the Wi-Fi radio frequency range.

The new hub will support the same third-party devices as the original version. With this being said, many consumers may wonder what makes the newer version so special, other than the improved design. Well, the Wink Hub 2 now supports Amazon’s Alexa, the intelligent voice-automated assistant. Of course, voice-recognition control will require the Amazon Echo. There is also a plan to activate the Google-back protocol, since the hub is already embedded with a Thread radio.

With more memory and a faster processor, Wink Hub 2 will be capable of running more advanced automations, such as daily “Schedules”. The release date has been set for October 2016 and will be available on Amazon.

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