Wireless Home Security Cameras

By   December 9, 2015

Are you interested in enhancing your home’s security? There are numerous ways to do this. Installing a smart home security system is definitely one way to achieve the task, at hand. Of course, some individuals will not feel the need to invest in an entire system. A smart home camera should be more than enough to quell the concerns that many consumers have. If you’re scouring the market for a worthwhile smart home security camera, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find a list of the best smart home cameras.


What To Look For In a Smart Camera?

When attempting to purchase a smart home security camera, you will need to browse through a number of different cameras and examine each of their features. For your consideration, these will be explored in greater depth below.

Cost – It is nearly impossible to purchase anything, without examining the price, and this is especially true, when purchasing an expensive smart home camera. During this process, you will want to set a budget and remain loyal to this figure. This will help to ensure that your judgment is not clouded, by insignificant figures.

Night Vision – The majority of smart home cameras come with night vision, but some do not. If you plan on utilizing the camera, during the night or outside, you will definitely want night vision. If you’re only going to be using the device inside, you can skip this feature and save a bundle.

Alerts – Are you going to be outside of the home frequently? If so, you may want to invest in a smart camera, which is capable of delivering real-time alerts to your smartphone. The alerts could give you the ability to stop an intruder in his or her tracks, so the addition of the feature is highly recommended.

Storage – Remember that you’ll want to be able to store the videos and pictures that are captured by your smart home security camera. There are several different ways to achieve this. The camera may have a microSD card slot or it may automatically upload the files to a Cloud storage. Be careful, because the Cloud storage may come with a hefty monthly fee.

Sound – Do you want to be able hear and see the things your camera captures? If so, you will need to make sure that your camera is capable of receiving audio. If you would also like to be able to chat with someone outside, you should choose a camera, which offers 2-way audio. This guarantees that the camera can double as a baby monitor.

Motion Detection – Motion detection is incredibly important. The majority of smart home cameras are equipped with this feature, but some offer more control than others. Be sure that your camera of choice will be able to provide you with the ability to adjust the camera’s sensitivity. This will help to prevent the storage of too many irrelevant videos.

Now, you should introduce yourself with the market’s best smart home cameras. These will be explored in greater depth below for your consideration.


arlo smart home security camera system

Arlo Smart Home Security Systems And Smart Home Camera

Many homeowners may be skeptic about Arlo camera’s ability to enhance the security around their home, because of its compact size. This security system is designed to detect movement and alert the homeowner, when an intruder is nearby, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Notable Specifications

  • Wireless installation process
  • Expandable options (supports up to 5 cameras)
  • Includes 2-HD wide view cameras that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Free NetGear basic cloud DVR 1 GB storage, which will secure videos for 7-days (cloud storage can be upgraded to a higher level)
  • Includes a base station that is integrated with Smart Technology (300′ wireless range, which will be slightly reduced by walls, ceilings, and other building structures)
  • Infrared night vision with a 25 foot viewing range
  • Each camera is embedded with a PIR motion sensor, which will detect (alterations in heat) movement up to 20′ from where the camera is positioned

Arlo HD cameras are constructed out of weatherproof material, so they can be placed outdoors, but they are not waterproof. You will need to install them underneath your roofing gables or eaves, where they will not get wet. Two magnetic tripod mounts are included in the package, but these may not be suitable for outdoor use. You can purchase an additional ceiling mount for outdoor installments.

Once you download the free mobile Arlo app to your iOS or Android device, you will need to complete the initial setup, then Arlo will do the rest. When the motion sensor is triggered, you will receive notifications via your email inbox or source device. The app will also allow you to remotely monitor, manage, and view a live video feed of the camera’s viewing area from anywhere around the globe. You can download the video from the cloud server to your PC or laptop computer.

The Arlo battery is a little limited and the manufacturer is aware of this issue. To save some money on the batteries, you can switch to the CR123A-2000mah Li-ion rechargeable. You may need two sets of batteries, so you can always keep one charged set on hand for quick replacements. Extremely cold temperatures appear to decrease the battery life, which is why you should consider using rechargeable batteries. To save the storage and battery life, you can easily create scheduled detection times via your app enabled device.

The Smart Home base connects to your preexisting Ethernet router and 110-volt receptacle. The cameras will not work without the base station being plugged in. The software is automatically updated, so you do not need to monitor the process.

To personalize your Arlo Smart Home Camera, be sure to check out the silicone skins, which are available in black, green, and camouflage. There is one downside to the Arlo smart home security cameras and that is it is not integrated with a one-way intercom or speaker, so you will not be able to hear external sounds.

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dropcam security camera

Dropcam Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera

If you want to keep your family safe and burglars at bay, you will need to install security cameras in and around your home. While you will find an unlimited array of brands on today’s market, each will offer a variety of benefits, but none of them will compare to the Dropcam.

Notable Specifications:

  • Integrated with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology
  • Easy wireless installation process, which can be completed in 60 seconds or less
  • 720p HD camera (4.5″ H X 3.15″ D) with a 107 degree diagonal angle view, digital pan, and 4X zoom
  • Night vision with IR LEDs
  • CVR cloud storage fees range from $9.95-29.95 monthly
  • Embedded with a two-way speaker, so you can communicate with anyone that is within the same vicinity as the device
  • Compatible with most iOS (7 and later), Android, and Nest Smart Home devices
  • Integrated with sound and motion sensors
  • Includes a 1-Year warranty on parts

The Dropcam is set apart from the competitor brand, because of its ability to connect to Nest Smart Home devices. The camera will automatically turn on, when the Nest smoke or CO2 detector senses smoke or high CO2 levels within your home. The homeowner will receive an immediate notification of the event via their app enabled device.

The installation process requires no splicing or connecting wires, you just download the associated Dropcam app to your source device, and Dropcam will find your Wi-Fi network. You will receive immediate notifications with an attached video, when a sensor is triggered, even when it is pitch dark outside.

The system is embedded with bank-level encryption, so hackers cannot access your personal data or account. Updates are automatically generated via the app, which is very convenient for the busy homeowner. Requires high-speed Internet service to operate without glitches or slowdowns.

This is an indoor camera, but it can operate in temperatures ranging from 0-35 degrees Celsius. If you want to record and store the video clips, you will need to select one of the cloud video recording packages, but you can view live video feeds at anytime, by accessing the Dropcam app.

You can also setup schedules for when you want the Dropcam Smart Camera to record, by clicking on the “settings” feature found in the menu. The camera must be plugged into a 110 volt electrical receptacle, since it is not embedded with a battery.

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trivision smart home security camera

Trivision NC-335PW Outdoor Home Security Camera System

A home security system will not provide adequate security without a HD outdoor camera. Night vision is also very important, because you want to be able to clearly see any unwanted visitors that access your property after dusk. These cameras will definitely heighten the security around your home and provide you with saved video to provide to the local police department, in case of a burglary.

Notable Specifications

  • Integrated with Wi-Fi 802.11 technology
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Built-in microSD DVR and 128gb microSD card
  • FTP, NVR, and NAS storage options
  • Metal casing, which is weather (-4-140 degrees Fahrenheit), rust, and IP66 rated waterproof
  • Includes an adjustable mount that attaches to any wall with only 3 screws
  • Infrared night vision, which is capable of illuminating footage 45′ away
  • Ultra wide 90 degree camera angle for an expandable view
  • Two power options POE wired and AC/DC (3 meter long power adapter cable included in package)

The Trivision NC-335PW is equipped with a 1080P HD quality camera, which will provide a high-quality live feed video. Once you install the Anyscene app to your source device, you will be able to manage, control, and remote view from anywhere around the globe.

You will have the option of setting the camera to view continuously, but if you are interested in saving your storage space, you will have the option of recording only when motion events (3,5,10 second configuration) are detected. You will receive an immediately notification via your app enabled device or e-mail, when the motion sensor is triggered.

The Trivision has a built-in microphone, which will pick up external sounds, even a whisper. If you do not own a mobile phone do not fret, because you can bypass the mobile app and setup the system via your PC or Mac computer IP.

Overall, the Trivision NC-335PW is a very high-quality, reliable, and durable. If the SD card is full, the camera is designed to overwrite the oldest recording, which means it will not skip a beat.

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canary all in one security device

Canary Smart Home Security Camera System

The Canary security camera derives from an 2013 Indiegogo campaign, which was successful in receiving almost $2 million in contributions. The 1080p HD camera is embedded with a 147 degree wide angle lens that provides a large viewing area  with superior video quality. Many of the contributors have admitted to being pulled to the Canary’s slick design (measures 6″ H X 3″ W), but that says nothing about its ability to reliably enhance home security.

Notable Specifications

  • Embedded with a 90 dB audible siren (can be disabled via app)
  • HomeHealth Technology offers air quality, temperature, and humidity monitor
  • Compatible with iOS (4s and later) and Android (4.0 and later) devices
  • Easy, wireless installation
  • No contract or monthly monitoring fees
  • Basic cloud storage (stores videos up to 90 days) included in purchase price
  • Integrated with 256-bit encryption for security purposes
  • Canary is capable of switching from night vision to daylight vision automatically
  • Built-in microphone will record external sounds (not a sensor)

When you receive your new Canary security system, you will need to download the associated Canary app to your source device, complete initial setup, and let Canary find your Wi-Fi network. The device connects to your preexisting Internet service via the Canary app, so you do not need to plug it directly into your Ethernet router (you can plug the Canary directly into the Ethernet router, if you want) . It is recommended that you should have at least a Wi-Fi speed of 1 MBPS, in order for the system to function without slowdowns or glitches.

You can train the Canary to recognize familiar activity that goes on within your home, so the sensors are not triggered. It may take a week or longer for the device to acclimate to your home, before false alarms become fewer and eventually eliminated completely. This will require some patience, but it will be worth it in the long run.

You can access the real-time live video feed via the app or website from anywhere around the globe. You can also adjust the zoom feature up to 3X, if you are viewing the live feed or recording an event via the app. Four devices can be connected to the Canary simultaneously, so every family member can monitor and manage the system.

When you return home, the Canary will automatically stop recording, so alerts are not initiated. The device will recognize your app/GPS enabled device and automatically switch modes, thanks to the auto-arm/disarm feature. It must be plugged into a 110 volt receptacle, but electrical charging cable is included in the purchase price.

Firmware updates are made automatically and there seems to be improvement in the bugs initially reported by consumers. Again, you must have patience and allow Canary to acclimate to your living environment.

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nest cam review

Nest Cam Security Camera

Nest has become a very popular brand among homeowners that are investing in Smart Home devices. With a short list of Smart devices on the market including the security camera,  Nest continues developing products that will make your life more comfortable and keep your energy bill at a minimum level.

Notable Specifications:

  • Night vision
  • Embedded with a two-way speaker
  • Plug and play installation process
  • 1080p HD camera (requires 140 GB upload monthly) with 8X zoom
  • Nest Aware cloud storage, which stores videos up to 10-days (100+ GB) and provides continuous recording 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • Compatible with most iOS (8 and later) and Android devices (4 and later)
  • Integrated with bank-level encryption
  • Includes an adjustable stand for wall mounting, desk, or tripod

In order for the Nest Cam to function without glitches and slowdowns, 2MBPS upload Internet speed is recommended. This is an indoor camera, but you can purchase the additional Nest Cam/Dropcam Pro enclosure for outdoor use. You can stream and view live real time video via the Nest Cam app, but you will need to download it to your source device.

The Nest Cam is an electric powered device, so you will need to plug the USB cable into a 110 volt receptacle. The device is integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that it does not need to be plugged into your preexisting Ethernet router, but needs to be placed within the Wi-Fi range.

The camera is embedded with motion and sound sensors, which when triggered will send an immediate notification to your app enabled device. In order to view the recorded video clip, you will need to invest in a Nest Wave subscription, but you can view a live video stream, without the subscription ($10-30 monthly).

You can turn the camera on/off via the toggle switch in the app. The only downside to the Nest Cam is the expensive Nest Wave subscription, but if you only want a live video stream, without recording, then you do not need the subscription and the camera will work very well for you.

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