Withings Thermo: The Most Sanitary And Accurate Thermometer To Ever Enter The Market

By   July 1, 2016

After the acquirement of Withings, a medical device company, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is preparing to take the digital thermometer to a whole new level. The company was granted FDA clearance for Withings Thermo on June 16th. This thermometer is a highly innovative medical device that will change the way consumers monitor their body temperature. Thermo is integrated with Bluetooth Technology, so it will communicate your iOS and Android devices. Once you download the mobile app to your device, you will be able monitor, track, and compare temperature readings right from the app interface.

Thermo Themometer

The 16 IR sensors embedded into device will instantly measure your body temperature, as soon as you place the thermometer over the temporal artery. The HotSpotSensor Technology is capable of locating the hottest spot in proximity of the tip of the thermometer. A measurement will be taken, with the results being delivered within 2 seconds. You can store all relevant data in the Thermo diary and then share it with your pediatrician.

Thermo Temperature

Parents are also provided with age-related temperature feedback to simplify the reading. Thermo is a very cost-efficient thermometer that operates on battery power. The 2 AAA batteries will offer an extended run time of 2 years. This will not only offer money saving benefits, but will offer a load of convenience.

Withings Thermo is the thermostat that parents have been waiting for, because it offers convenience, cost efficiency, and reliability. This non-invasive thermometer will provide you with a quick, accurate temperature reading, without all the fuss.