Xiamoni Prepares To Launch Its New Smart Guitar And Smart Wristwatch For Kids

By   February 13, 2017

Xiamoni will roll out its new Smart products tomorrow, Valentine’s Day. These two products will make the companies 60th and 61st Smart gadgets to be released to the public.

Xiamoni Smart Guitar

Xiamoni’s unique six-string guitar will teach anyone that is interested learning how to play the instrument “in just 10 minutes”. The guitar utilizes electronic features, such as LEDs and a companion app to help the player enhance their skills. The LEDs will glow as the player plucks the strings. However, the guitar is not genuinely “Smart”, but it will definitely be interested to see how well customers take to the instrument.


Xiamoni MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiamoni Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiamoni Wristwatch For Kids 

Xiamoni’s Smart wristwatch features GPS and has been described by the company as an all-weather watch, with “space-based radio navigation and positioning system.” The wristwatch will most likely come with its own unique companion app, since it being classified as “Smart”. Parents will definitely be interested, if the device will help them find their child, if they wander off. It would also be cool, if parents could assign safe zones from the app, so they would receive a push notification, when they ventures out of the safe zone.

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