Zmodo Greet Smart Video Doorbell Review

By   September 20, 2016

Zmodo was founded 2009, operating with 500 employees in Shenzhen, China. The company has seen much success with their Smart devices. From the wireless indoor/outdoor security camera to the Smart Home hub, you will find it bearing the Zmodo label. Well, the company has no plans to stop any time soon, so the team continues to put their heads together to see what else they can come up with.


Amodo Greet Smart Doorbell


Zmodo Greet
In January 2016, Zmodo released their first Smart doorbell. The installation and setup processes are virtually effortless. The installation process does require a bit of electrical wiring, but if you have an existing doorbell all you need to do is disconnect and replace it with Greet. Now, you will need to download the associated Zmodo app on your smartphone or tablet and then complete the initial setup.

Once you pair the device with your existing Internet router, you will be asked to personalize Greet, by giving it a special name. Greet supports multiple devices, so you can share it with other family members, they will receive notifications, as well.

HD Camera

The Zmodo Greet Smart Doorbell will definitely enhance your existing security system. The embedded HD camera, with night vision will provide you with a clear view of the premises in from of your home. The wide-angle lens will provide users with a larger viewing area, but even better is the panning effect. Just access the 720p live-stream video stream, using your app-enabled device, to view the area within the camera view. To utilize the pan effect to enhance the view, you simply slide your finger over the live-view screen.

Motion Detection

Greet is embedded with a tiny sensor that will detect motion. When the sensor is triggered an alert will be initiated, transmitting an automated notification, with a video clip attachment to your smartphone. If you are planning on attending a very important meeting and desire not to be disturbed, you can access the app interface to set quiet hours. This will silence the notifications until the preset time expires. Video clips can be stored in Cloud or the 8GB on-board storage. Cloud storage will require a monthly subscription fee.

Two-Way Speaker System

The two-way speaker system will allow homeowners to communicate with visitors, without opening the door. You can utilize this feature, when you are at home and away.

Overall Assessment

 Zmodo Greet is a very affordable Smart doorbell (does not connect to Smart network) that will offer reliability, enhanced security, and durability. You are under no obligation to enroll in Cloud, since the doorbell comes with 8GB of local storage. When the storage meets the maximum level, the oldest clips will be deleted to allow for more storage. This is an electric powered doorbell, so you never need to worry about dead batteries. The theft policy will protect you, in the event that Greet is stolen, just report the event to customer service and receive a new doorbell for absolutely free.