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Throughout the years, technology has changed nearly everything especially in best smart home system niche. A handful of innovations can make the consumer’s life a little less hectic. Smart home technologies undoubtedly fit into this category. With the right smart home devices, the consumer will be able to maintain their peace of mind, while controlling the entirety of their home directly from their fingertips. In order to embrace the best smart home systems, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with this technology.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Here at Best Smart Home System, we specialize in the last smart home gadgets, devices and oddities. Whether you’re looking to invest in a smart home thermostat or one of the new smart doorbells, we’ve got you covered. With our smart home systems reviews, you will know precisely which smart home hub is worth your money and which one you should avoid. Below, you’ll learn a little more about the latest smart homes technology.

What Is A Smart Home?

Before diving in deeper, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the basics. What is a smart home and what can you do with smart home control? Although the technology is fairly complicated, a smart home is nothing more than a home, which is connect to the Internet in one way or another. Below, you will discover a list of devices, which can be smart home compatible.

  • Lights
  • HVAC
  • Locks
  • Doorbell
  • Other electronic devices

Once these devices have been connected to your smart home hub, you will be able to control them easily and from afar with your smartphone or a computer. Initially, smart home systems may only seem to provide a simple convenience, but they’re truly very advantageous. More details regarding the benefits of the best smart home products will be explored in more depth below.

The Best Smart Home System And Hubs

Even the best smart home devices won’t do you much good, unless you’ve fitted your home with an appropriate smart home hub. There are various options to play around with here. The consumer can choose a complete package like the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit, or they can opt for total customization with the Wink Connected Home Hub. Your options are enormous and you’ll need a helping hand to make the right decision. Don’t worry, because our comprehensive smart home systems reviews will be able to help you out.

The Best Smart Thermostat

When exploring the best smart home gadgets, you will find it nearly impossible to ignore the smart thermostats. Although traditional thermostats are capable of doing the trick, they cannot hold a candle to the smart thermostats. These devices give the consumer the ability to control their home’s climate from their smartphone. Of course, some of the best smart thermostats can learn your preferences and adjust the temperature automatically, as you normally would. Which is the best? Is it the Nest Thermostat? Or is the Honeywell Smart Thermostat the best of the bunch? You will be able to find out, by reading out smart thermostat reviews!

Best Smart Doorbell

Doorbells have gotten increasingly better over the years. Now, they may have reached their peak. Smart doorbells are incredibly beneficial. The best wireless doorbell will give you the ability to see who is at your doorstep from afar. From your smartphone, you will be able to look at and speak with this individual. If you’re feeling down and cannot force yourself out of bed, you can tell your visitor so, roll back over and go back to sleep. When used in conjunction with a smart lock, you’ll be able to grant your visitor access directly from your phone, without moving an inch.

Best Smart Light Bulbs

In the past, a handful of manufacturers attempted to reinvent the light bulb. Unfortunately, the best they could muster was the “clap-on clap-off” compatibility. Thankfully, the lightbulb has now caught up with technology. The smart lightbulb is a clever innovation, which offers convenience and can be used cost effectively. Once the smart bulb has been connected to your system, you will be able to control it from your iPhone or Android phone, but it doesn’t stop there. Some of the smart LED light bulbs can be setup on a schedule. This will ensure your light comes on and shuts off automatically at certain periods throughout the day. Just be sure to read through our smart light bulb reviews to make the right choice for your money.

Smart Home Light Switches

The light switch isn’t a new apparatus, but it has improved significantly in the past few years. Sure, the switch is used for the same purpose, but now it can be used in a much more convenient manner. With the smart switch, it is possible to adjust your lights and fan from your smartphone. You can also adjust the fan’s speed or the light’s brightness from your phone. As with the smart bulb, some smart home switches can also be scheduled to shut on and off, when a specific event occurs. When attempting to choose a good switch, you’ll want to read our reviews for the smart switches for home.

Smart Outlet

With the two smart home devices above, it was obvious the outlet or plugin would also make an appearance. Smart plugins are very similar to switches, but they give the consumer a little more control, with no complex wiring. Instead the electronic or appliance only needs to be plugged into the smart outlet. From there, you will be able to turn off the device from your phone. Smart outlets can be used with an almost endless array of devices, including lamps, space heaters, microwaves and even clothing irons. The smart home outlets will provide you with endless peace of mind and will also help you save a bit of money.

Smart Air Conditioner

A few smart home gadgets are new to the industry. This is true, when it comes to the smart AC, or air conditioner. You don’t necessarily need to live in a mansion, in order to reap the benefits of smart home technology and the smart window air conditioner exemplifies this sentiment perfectly. At the moment, there isn’t a lot of competition in the field. The consumer will only find the Aros Air Conditioner. Is this the best air conditioner and is it truly worth the money? Check out our smart window air conditioner review today to find out.

Smart Home Cameras

The best home automation system would not be complete without some type of security apparatus. Smart home security is pertinent and you should never ignore smart cameras! These devices might not prevent an intrusion, but they’ll definitely help to capture the perpetrator. Plus, these cameras will provide you with an abundance of peace of mind. With a smart home camera, you can monitor your camera directly from your phone. You’ll also receive alerts in the same manner. Is the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera the best of the bunch? You will find out, by reading our reviews.

Smart Security Systems

Although cameras will undoubtedly help provide you with reassurance, you should not ignore the benefits of a smart home monitoring system. These systems can provide you with an abundance of advantages. They’ll give you the capability of monitoring your windows, doors and a handful of other parameters. Others will protect you from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If you live in a neighborhood, which is plagued with crime, a smart home security system is a no brainer. Is Nest Protect the best? Or is the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device is best in the industry? Check out our smart home security system reviews to find out.

Smart Locks

Locks have gone through a major transformation in the past few years. The old days of hiding your key under your doormat or in your vehicle’s wheel well are all but over. Now, you no longer need a key. The best smart lock will give you the ability to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone. This can be done from many miles away. When attempting to choose a good lock, you will definitely want to read smart lock reviews and weighs the pros and cons of each. There are plenty to choose from, including the August, Schlage and Kwikset.

Smart Home Oddities

There are some smart home gadgets out there that do not fit into any category. These are oddities and they can be beneficial in many unique ways. Amazon’s Echo definitely falls within this category. If you’re looking for an innovative and somewhat awkward smart home gadget, you’ll want to check out our smart home oddities right now!

The Benefits Of The Best Home Automation System

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely interested, but haven’t come to a definite decision. When considering the fact that the technology is fairly new, this is completely understandable. Of course, it is undeniable that the best smart home system will provide you with an assortment of benefits. For your consideration, these benefits will be listed below.

  • Increases your peace of mind
  • Helps you save money, by automatically shutting off lights and appliances, when they’re not in use
  • You always maintain control, even when out of town
  • Smart home cameras allow parents to keep tabs on their children
  • Time is money and smart home technology can help you save plenty of both
  • Makes your home secure and adds safety, by controlling lighting, electronics and appliances
  • Makes your life a little more convenient
  • The best smart home hub will make you the king of the neighborhood

Overall About Best Smart Home System

At the end of the day, the best smart home system 2015 might be great for some, but not the best for all. With this in mind, it is absolutely imperative to consider your needs, evaluate our reviews and choose the best smart home devices for your home. Once you have, you will have obtained the best home automation system for your own particular circumstances. Thanks again for visiting the site and be sure to check back often.